Minor steals car, drives 300 km before swerving off road, crashing

A 12 year-old boy stole a car and drove around 300 kilometres before veering off the road in Närpes in western Finland. The youngster was seriously injured and a family pet perished in the resulting accident.

Image: Google Maps

The 12 year-old car rustler commandeered a vehicle in Raahe in northern Ostrobothnia early Monday morning and went on an unauthorised road trip that took him 300 kilometres away to Pjelax in Närpes, also on the west coast.

However the joyride that started at 5.00am Monday morning came to an unpleasant end when the pre-teen ran off the road, seriously injuring himself in the process.

The underage driver was heading in the Pori direction on highway 8, when the vehicle he was driving slid off the road, careening for nearly one kilometre towards the south near Kristinestadsvägen.

The vehicle reportedly ploughed through a field for a distance of about 170 metres before it crashed into a small stand of trees. The force of the impact threw the boy some 34 metres out of the car, where he was later found, seriously injured. A German shepherd that apparently belonged to the boy's family was also found dead at the scene of the accident.

Detective Inspector Mikko Uusimäki of the Ostrobothnian police said that the boy's position indicated how fast the car was travelling when the driver lost control. The boy was taken to the Tampere university hospital for treatment.

Unclear reasons for early morning flight

Police say that the boy had been spending the night at a relative's home and had taken possession of the household car when he left early Monday morning.

Investigators said that although they had been able to reconstruct the course of the road trip, they did not yet know why the boy left the home in Raahe to drive towards Pori. Relatives also could not say where the youngster was headed.

Additionally, it's not known if anyone witnessed the accident itself, although the incident came to light when a passerby noticed the glow of headlights in the forest.