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Yle presenter steps down from weekly press roundup programme

Yle television personality Ruben Stiller has announced that he is stepping down from his nearly decade-old stewardship of the weekly press wrap-up programme, Pressiklubi. The veteran journalist cited health reasons for the move and said he hopes to continue working in radio for the national broadcaster.

Ruben Stiller Image: Vesa Moilanen / Lehtikuva

Yle’s Pressiklubi weekly current affairs discussion programme will continue without the face of Ruben Stiller. Stiller announced Monday that he is pulling out of the programme for health reasons.

"The recent situation has affected my health and I have also drawn my own conclusions about all this. I hope to continue on the radio side," Stiller said.

Stiller was likely referring to a recent brouhaha at the national broadcaster, in which Prime Minister Juha Sipilä crossed swords with journalists over their reporting on a potential conflict of interest situation involving the state-owned mining company Terrafame and a contractor owned by Sipilä family members.

Stiller had been given a written warning after planning a programme on the imbroglio, although the warning was later retracted.

Last Thursday A-Studio presenter Susanne Päivärinta announced her resignation from Yle, saying she had been instructed by top management not to disclose a decision by Prime Minister Juha Sipilä not to appear on the discussion programme following the reports of possible conflict of interest.

Previously, in December, former Yle journalist Salla Vuorikoski and her boss Jussi Eronen both resigned over the furore, after management squelched plans to report on more than 20 emails that Sipilä sent to Vuorikoski over her reporting in the case.

Wanted: Someone to fill Stiller’s big boots

Stiller became the face of Pressiklubi in 2009. Pressiklubi first aired in January 2005. The weekly programme looks at news highlights of the week as well as goings-on in Finnish media in general. The presenter is joined by two journalists as well as a newsmaker.

The programme received the Golden Venla award in 2012 for best discussion programme. The award recognises the best Finnish television programmes and winners are selected by their peers in the media industry.

Yle is now looking for a replacement to take the baton from Stiller.

"We are looking for a presenter for Pressiklubi for next autumn to fill Ruben’s big boots. Creating a live weekly programme is tough and requires a committed person like Ruben,” said Riitta Pihlajamäki, head of the A-studio discussion programme team.

Pihlajamäki noted that Pressiklubi will continue through this year at least. A decision about the fate of the programme will be made later.