Police: Finnish Defence Forces employee sold stolen explosives on dark web

Finnish police say they are investigating a case involving a Defence Forces employee who was allegedly selling stolen explosives on the anonymous - so-called dark web - network Tor. During a search of the suspect's home police said they found more than two kilograms of explosives and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

Image: Roni Rekomaa / Lehtikuva

Police in eastern Uusimaa say they are investigating a Defence Forces worker who was allegedly selling explosive materials stolen from the Defence Forces.

Police said they tracked down the suspect after an officer posed as a customer – on the encrypted, anonymous Tor network – and made arrangements to buy some explosives.

A subsequent search of the suspect's home allegedly uncovered more than two kilograms of explosives, some 700 rounds of ammunition and various explosives-making materials, according to police.

Police said that during interrogation, the suspect admitted to having sold and distributed explosives, explosive materials and ammunition. Police said it remains unclear whether the suspect had carried out the crimes alone.

The suspect, who was born in 1978, is facing charges for theft, explosives- and weapons violations, as well as aggravated professional misconduct charges. Police say that further charges may be filed as the investigation progresses.

Police are investigating the case in cooperation with the Finnish Defence Forces.