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Prosecutor general may face prosecution over hiring brother's firm

Prosecutor General Matti Nissinen is suspected of wrongdoing for his role in contracting his brother's company to train staff. The firm, Deep Lead, is headed by the director of the Finnish Defence Research Agency.

Prosecutor General Matti Nissinen has prosecuted conflict-of-interest cases against politicians including the former PM. Image: Mikko Koski / Yle

Finnish authorities are pushing ahead with a probe into Prosecutor General Matti Nissinen for violation of official duties. He is suspected of a conflict of interest when he took part in a decision to hire his brother's company to carry out training at the Prosecutor General's office.

The National Bureau of Investigation has wrapped up its preliminary investigation and handed it over to the Chancellor of Justice – rather than to the Prosecutor General's office as usual. Interim Chancellor of Justice Risto Hiekkataipale will decide on the next steps.

Hiekkataipale took over the post at the beginning of July, temporarily replacing Jaakko Jonkka, who retired after a decade.

Nissinen admits "mistake"

His brother, Col. Vesa Nissinen, is chairman and majority owner of the firm, Deep Lead, as well as director of the Finnish Defence Research Agency (FDRA).

Deep Lead was paid 74,000 euros for training services over an eight-year period up to 2015. It began three years before Matti Nissinen took over as prosecutor general in 2010. He denies breaking any laws but had admitted making "a mistake" in the handling of the matter.

Matti Nissinen has been on leave since March at his own request. His duties are being handled by Deputy Prosecutor General Raija Toiviainen.