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Mechanics' strike to paralyse auto repair services

A large number of garages and auto repair shops will shut down, as some 200 mechanics announced a strike that would start on Thursday and continue through Sunday. Union representatives say the strike is due to breakdown of negotiations concerning mechanics' job descriptions, while a spokesperson from one of the auto repair firms called the strike action illegal.

Auto repair shops will close their doors for the rest of the week. Image: Ilkka Klemola / Yle

Some 200 mechanics working for Delta Auto, Delta Motor Group and Kia Motors will go on strike early on Thursday, the Finnish Industrial Union announced. The strike is set to last until Monday, Aug 28.

The union's vice chair Turja Lehtonen says that the strike will effectively shut down all car repair, painting and maintenance services.

"The industrial action affects all locations across Finland," Lehtonen says. "We also urge all our members to embargo Delta companies, or not apply for or accept work from them. Employment offices will also cease to suggest employment in these companies to jobseekers for the duration of the strike."

The Industrial Union says the strike is due to stagnation of negotiations about issues such as mechanics' job descriptions.

Delta Auto announces that it considers the strike illegal.