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Finland's Prosecutor General suspended amid corruption probe

Finland's top prosecutor has been indefinitely relieved of his duties. He is suspected of nepotism for channelling official work to his brother's company over an eight-year period. President Niinistö is likely to name his successor next week.

Matti Nissinen Image: Juha Kivioja / Yle

Prosecutor General Matti Nissinen has been suspended from his duties as a corruption probe moves forward.

The National Bureau of Investigation is investigating a possible conflict of interest involving Nissinen's repeated purchase of training services from his brother's company over the course of eight years. He says he made "a mistake" in doing so, but denied breaking any laws.

Nissinen's brother, Col. Vesa Nissinen, is the principal owner of the Deep Lead consulting firm, as well as head of the Finnish Defence Research Agency.

Nissinen took a voluntary leave of absence when the probe was launched in March. That leave ended on Wednesday, and he had not requested an extension of it.

At the moment the Prosecutor General's duties are being handled by his deputy, Raija Toiviainen.

Next week, the government plans to nominate a new permanent prosecutor general to President Sauli Niinistö, who will make the formal appointment.