Yle recruits editor-in-chief from Tampere daily

Yle has named Jouko Jokinen, the editor of Tampere newspaper Aamulehti, as the Editor-in-Chief of News and Current Affairs. Jokinen will start his new post in December.

Jouko Jokinen takes over as head of Yle's news and current affairs division in December. Image: Marjut Suomi / Yle

Yle's Board of Directors has named Jouku Jokinen, editor of Tampere daily Aamulehti, as the new head of its news and current affairs division. Jokinen will serve as Editor-in-Chief of Yle's news  and current affairs output, with Riikka Venäläinen continuing as the second-in-command in Yle's news department. Jokinen will report directly to Yle CEO Lauri Kivinen.

Jokinen has been editor of Aamulehti since 2010, and before that headed up Pori daily Satakunnan Kansa, and has also worked in leadership roles at Helsingin Sanomat.

The company's board emphasised Jokinen's lengthy experience in journalism. Jokinen himself said that Yle has a special place in Finnish journalism because there are tasks only the public broadcaster can execute.

"Yle has the best resources to take care of foreign news," said Jokinen. "The other thing is the regions, because Yle's network covers the whole country. The third thing is sport."

Yle's market share 'problematic'

Some of Yle's competitors have criticised Yle's strong position in the market. Jokinen admits that from Aamulehti's perspective the situation has looked problematic.

"Sure it is a small problem, that the nationally-owned media company's market share is growing all the time," said Jokinen. "Here in the private sector there's some dismay that resources have diminished and in Yle it feels like they're still in good shape. Sometimes it's felt that the market share has not been all that fair."