Police: Smugglers used dark web to sell drugs and snus across Finland

Law enforcement in northern Ostrobothnia said they have uncovered an extensive drugs and snus tobacco dealing operation, allegedly via the dark web.

File photo. Image: Terhi Marjakangas / Yle

Police and customs officials in Oulu said they have remanded in custody two individuals suspected of illegally importing and distributing doping and other drugs, as well as the smokeless tobacco product snus.

Officials announced on Monday that the suspects had sold more than 50,000 doping tablets, nearly 8,000 narcotic drug pills and the equivalent of more than 16 litres in doping ampoule doses. The suspects also smuggled and sold snus, the banned smokeless tobacco product, officials said.

The suspects used the dark web on the anonymous Tor network to acquire and distribute the illegal substances, according to officials. The drugs were allegedly distributed across the country primarily by post from Oulu and the northern city of Tornio.

Bitcoin seized

During their preliminary investigation police and customs officials found considerable amounts of doping substances and narcotics-classed drugs at the suspects' homes and at the post office.

Officers seized some 14,000 euros in cash and the equivalent of 40,000 euros in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin from one of the suspects.

The investigation led officials to believe that the suspects made about 200,000 euros selling the banned substances over the course of about a year.

The two held in remand, both around 30 years old, are suspected of smuggling and tax evasion crimes as well as aggravated doping and narcotics violations.