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Weather Forecast

Outlook for Sunday The very cold but dry weather will continue across the country. Snow in places in coastal districts. Temperatures in the southern and central areas from minus fifteen to twenty five degrees Celsius. Less cold in the west. In the north, temperatures from minus twenty five to minus thirty five degrees. A warning that very cold temperatures can cause health problems for those at risk across the country except in the Åland Islands.

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Police Detain Åland Armed Robbers

Police in the Åland Islands are continuing their investigations into Sunday's attempted armed robbery in the capital Mariehamn. Two masked Swedish men tried to seize money from a cash transport vehicle but they were foiled by an off-duty officer and bystanders. A guard was taken to hospital with a minor gunshot injury. On Monday afternoon police said the two men aged 20 and 27 detained since Sunday are well known to police in Sweden. However, they gave no details as to the size of the heist. .

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Arrest Following Oil Spill

Police have detained a ship’s captain on suspicion of dumping oil near Naantali, south-west Finland on Sunday evening. Initial interrogations have ascertained the light fuel oil was discharged from the ship in Naantali harbour and in the nearby Airisto Strait. Observations of the oil have been made as far away as Ledsund in the Åland Islands. Witnesses have also been interviewed in the initial investigation being carried out in collaboration with coast guards and other officials. The oil has spread out over a wide area of the local archipelago but the effects will not be as bad as feared, say experts. The spill is of light fuel oil, which spreads as a film over a large area on contact with water, but dissipates quickly. The biggest threat is to birdlife in the archipelago, says WWF

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