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Chemical Agency Faces Staff Shortage

The European Chemicals Agency is finding it difficult to persuade potential employees to move to Helsinki. Experts living in other European countries do not want to move to Finland. The agency needs another 100 workers by the end of 2012 but faces stiff competition for new talent The ECHA moved to Finland in 2007. With 450 employees, the agency is understaffed for its task of ensuring the safety of chemicals and their use. Currently a third of the agency's workers are Finnish. The next biggest national group, at 7 percent, is composed of Germans. In all there are workers from 26 countries.

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Russian Grandmother Faces Deportation

Helsinki Police will also continue the implementation of a deportation order against Russian grandmother, Irina Antonova. Commissioner Kaj Wahlmann says she will leave the country before midsummer. On Monday, Finnish police Commissioner Mikko Paatero said police would have to enforce the deportaion of Egyptian grandmother Eveline Fadayel in the absence of any promised law reform. Under current Finnish immigration laws, grandmothers cannot be granted residence permits as they are not classed as being part of the immediate family.

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