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Journalistic principles of Yle’s News and Current Affairs

The journalistic principles of Yle’s News and Current Affairs unit were updated on 18 June 2020. These principles apply to all work carried out at Yle's News and Current Affairs unit.

Kuva: Laura Pohjavirta / Yle

The principles supplement the Guidelines for Journalists (siirryt toiseen palveluun) and the Ethical Guidelines for the Production of Yle’s Programmes and Content. The News and Current Affairs unit also always complies with Yle’s strategy in its operations.

This is how we work

1. We exist for our audiences. We provide new, verified and meaningful information that helps increase our understanding of the world. The information is communicated through journalistic means. We boldly use various narrative methods and take different audiences into account.

2. We monitor the exercise of power and demand answers from those responsible. We bring to light both failings and positive development paths.

3. We find out what is actually happening. We acquire information in a diverse manner and without preconceived opinions. We take a critical attitude to subjects and sources and inform the audience of the sources used as accurately as possible. We openly tell the audience if exceptional methods to acquire information have been used in the making of a story.

4. We tell the audience about the matters that are essential for the whole story. We use all elements of the stories, such as text, images and sound, responsibly.

5. We inform the public of important news events immediately and follow the events in real time. We do not compromise on reliability, even in a rapidly changing news flow. We openly tell the audience if the information is still unconfirmed.

6. We report on crises and acts of violence responsibly. We avoid stirring up fear.

7. When selecting interviewees, we find out about their fundamental loyalties and motives. We will inform the audience of these if they are relevant. We also acknowledge our own allegiances and recuse ourselves from a story, if necessary.

8. We interact with the public in many ways. We engage in discussion, respond to relevant feedback and explain the reasoning for our journalistic decisions on our own initiative. The journalistic power to decide is always, however, with the editorial office.

9. We also take a critical approach to our own activities and constantly strive to improve our journalism.

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