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Fryckman not to Fight Extradition

Yle Uutisten artikkeliarkisto

Finnish businessman Peter Fryckman does not plan to mount a legal challenge to plans to extradite him from South Africa to Finland where he faces a four-year prison sentence.

Fryckman’s spokesman says that he has agreed to the extradition because he believes that it would make it possible for him to significantly cut his four-year sentence.

Fryckman was sentenced to a total of four years in prison more than a year ago for fraud and dishonesty as a debtor. After applying for a deferment of the implementation of his sentence, Fryckman disappeared from Finland. An international arrest warrant was put out for him.

Fryckman turned up in South Africa where he was arrested on Friday last week. A court in Cape Town ordered that he should be extradited to Finland.

Fryckman would have had 14 days to appeal the decision, and an appeal may have drawn out the process by months or even years.

Fryckman’s spokesman Jukka Lundén expects Fryckman to be back in Finland within a week.


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