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Wreck Yields Sunken Treasure

Yle Uutisten artikkeliarkisto

A wreck that was found seven years ago off Finland's southwestern coast has yielded a cargo of immense value to the Finnish Maritime Museum. This is the first discovery of its kind in the Baltic Sea.

Little did divers know what they had found when they discovered a small wreck off Finland's southwest coast near Nauvo. Now seven years later, the 14th century wreck has proved a treasure trove for the Maritime Museum.

Divers have so far uncovered dozens of artifacts in perfect condition, such as a set of drinking vessels that had never been used. All the utensils date back to the Hanseatic League, which dominated trade in the Baltic Sea from the mid-12th century to the 15th century.

The utensils were made in Bengerode in Lower Saxony. The Maritime Museum received valuable assistance in tracking down their origin from a British reasearcher, who visited the museum.

The ship itself was quite small and probably made of oak. The Maritime Museum is now trying to determine where the vessel was from.

Not far from the wreck is another one found a couple of years ago - that of an 18th century Dutch sailing ship called Vrouw Maria. It has a reputation of a treasure ship because her cargo consisted of art treasures bought by Russian aristocrats and Catherine the Great.

Finnish News Agency