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Finnish Skier Gives Positive Doping Sample

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Seppo Rehunen, the chairman of the Finnish Skiing Federation, reports that the A sample of a doping test on a Finnish cross-country skier at the Nordic World Skiing Championships in Val di Fiemme was positive.

The name of the suspect is being kept a secret until the second B sample is examined just over a week from now.

According to unconfirmed reports, the sample may have been that of a Finnish woman competitor. On Friday the Skiing Federation would not comment on the speculation.

The Finnish News Agency STT reports that the positive sample was that of Finnish skier Kaisa Varis. YLE24 was not able to reach Varis for a comment.

Seppo Rehunen says that he is ready to resign from his position in the Finnish Skiing Federation if the federation’s delegate council so demands.

He also apologised on his behalf and that of the Skiing Federation that these kinds of events that hurt the reputation of the whole sport can happen.

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