A Rise in Suicides Is Feared

Yle Uutisten artikkeliarkisto

Experts fear a rise in Finland's suicide rate. Statistics show that a decade-long fall in the suicide rate has levelled out. Experts predict that the rate will rise because of easier access to alcohol and an economic slump.

In 2001, 1,204 Finns committed suicide - the majority were men.

Professor Jouko Lönngvist says that the suicide rate usually correlates with accessibility to alcohol and, therefore, does not expect any improvement in the situation in the future.

The suicide rate during the 1990s declined thanks to more effective antidepressant drugs and preventive campaigns.

However, people also use drugs more often to take their own life.

In 2001, nearly 80 % of all suicides were committed by men, mostly 40 - 55-year-olds.

Northern and eastern Finland head the country's suicide statistics.

Finland has one of Europe's highest per capita suicide rates together with the Baltic countries, Russia and Hungary.

Finnish News Agency