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Finland Vying for EU Agency

Yle Uutisten artikkeliarkisto

Finland has set its sights on hosting the European Union's planned Network Security and Data Protection Agency. Finland is dismayed that still no major EU office is located within its borders.

The Parliamentary Transport and Communications Committee has recommended the government apply for the agency to be located in Finland.

The European Commission proposed in February that the agency be set up but made no recommendations on its location.

The agency is to begin operating in January, 2004. It will be temporarily situated in Brussels until a permanent location is agreed upon.

Finland will be competing for the EU office with at least Sweden.

Finland has for a long time been vying for a major EU agency and has felt that it is being passed over in decisions over the locations.

Finland has been bickering with Italy over the location of the Food Safety Authority for two years.

Former Finnish Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen said earlier this year that he had agreed with Italy on splitting the Food Safety Authority between the Finnish capital Helsinki and the Italian city of Parma.

However, Italy has indicated no such agreement exists.

Finnish News Agency

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