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Study Finds Hyperactive Sun in Recent Decades

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Solar activity has been especially violent and remarkable in the past 60 years, according to a new study by Finnish and German scientists.

Their data indicates that there has not been so much activity on the sun since the year 850. All this activity is evident in sunspots, solar flares and the resulting northern lights or aurora borealis.

Researchers at the University of Oulu and the Max Planck Institute near Munich say that solar activity since the 1940s has been two-and-a-half times higher than the 1000-year average.

The researchers analysed sunspot observations as far back as 1610, as well as the long-term incidence of radioactive elements in the continental ice of Greenland and the Antarctic.

The study will be published in the December issue of the U.S. journal Physical Review Letters.

YLE24, Finnish News Agency

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