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Hägglund: EU Must Defend Itself

Yle Uutisten artikkeliarkisto

The chair of the EU's Military Committee, Finnish Gen. Gustav Hägglund, says the European Union must bear responsibility for the defence of its own territory.

In Hägglund's view, the EU and United States should only cooperate militarily in major crises beyond their own borders. He questioned how long the US would have the resources and will to defend Europe.

Hägglund also predicted that the EU and NATO will merge within the next decade.

The former Chief of Defense of the Finnish Defense Forces was speaking on Sunday ahead of a defense conference in Sälen, Sweden.

"There is no threat that the EU could not handle on its own," said Hägglund. He referred to the prevailing uncertainty in Finland and Sweden about a common EU defense, calling it "a vestige from days gone by".

Hägglund noted that only five percent of EU citizens live in non-aligned countries, which include Austria, Finland, Ireland and Sweden.

Finnish News Agency, YLE24

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