Continuing Consumer Confidence

Yle Uutisten artikkeliarkisto

Finnish consumers remain confident in their own financial prospects. Statistics Finland found that consumers felt their financial situation and savings opportunities will continue to improve this year.

Consumer confidence has remained high for the past four years and opportunities to save have continued improving ever since recovery from the last recession. Consumers also believe that the Finnish economy will grow at a moderate pace. But, they expect the number of jobless to increase at the same time.

By international comparison, the Finns have a fairly sunny view of their financial futures. The vast majority expect that the national economy in general will improve, but even so, they believe that overall employment prospects will worsen.

A breakdown of population groups shows that the most positive attitudes on the future of personal household finances are upper-level white collar workers and entrepreneurs.

Families with children are more confident about the future than are single people or couples without children, while men express higher confidence in the ecomony than do women.

The data are based on Statistics Finland's Consumer Survey, for which 4 850 persons resident in Finland were interviewed during the period of October-December.