Council Go-Ahead for Music Hall

Yle Uutisten artikkeliarkisto

The Helsinki City Council has given the go-ahead for the building of a music hall. Under the plan, construction will begin in two years time. Now it's the turn of the Finnish Broadcasting Company to give its blessing to the project next week.

The Helsinki Music Hall project moved ahead on Wednesday evening with the Helsinki Council decision. The vote was 55-24 in favour. However, the city council's debate revealed just how much the actual cost of the project resonates uneasily with many.

The Council also gave its approval that the proposed music hall be used for concerts of all kinds of music, not just classical.

Construction costs of the music hall are estimated at least 100 million euros. The project is a joint venture between the state, the city of Helsinki and the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE).

The government's finance committee has already given its go-ahead to the project. Now the ball is in the court of the Finnish Broadcasting Company. Its Board of Trustees will decide on the matter next Tuesday.

In addition to worries over project finance, there has been disharmony over the fate of nineteenth-century railway warehouse buildings on the site. Their preservation has been demanded by many community bodies and was the subject of a long court battle.

Musicians have long dreamt of an internationally sized concert in Helsinki. In addition to a concert hall, the building will house rehearsal rooms for the Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Sibelius Academy.

Construction could start in two years' time.

Finnish News Agency, YLE24