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European Comet Probe Launch Delayed

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The launch of the European Space Agency’s comet probe was postponed on Thursday due to unfavourable winds. Lift-off is now scheduled for the same time on Friday.

Because of the exact timing needed for the necessary angle of lift-off, ignition was scheduled for 46 seconds past 9:36 a.m. on Thursday. The launch will take place in French Guyana.

The probe's mission is to study the Churjumove-Gerasimenko comet. Not only that, it will attempt to sent a lander to the surface of the comet as it hurles through space. This has never been done before.

The probe will have to slingshot around the sun four times before it catches up with the comet.

Nearly 50 Finnish companies contributed to the Rosetta probe, including the Meteorological Institute and the defence contractor Patria.

All in all, Finland invested 13 million euros of the total one billion.

YLE24, Finnish News Agency

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