Iraq: Investigation into Killings of Finnish Businessmen Continues

Yle Uutisten artikkeliarkisto

The investigation into Monday’s killings of two Finnish businessmen in Baghdad has continued. According to a Finnish Foreign Ministry official, eyewitnesses have been found to the shooting. The two men were killed in the back seat of a car while they were going to an electric power plant.

The Iraqi police have not yet named any suspects in the killing. The suspected motive is an attack against Western foreigners, or foreigners in general.

Local police have interrogated the driver of the car that the Finns were in when the attack took place. Also helping in the investigation are representatives of the occupying forces.

Nuri Mussawi, the group’s local liaison, said that it seems that the Finns were followed before the shooting. He also said that the manner in which the attack was carried out suggests that it was the work of professional criminals.

Finnish police are also interested in learning more about the events. Most of the remaining members of the delegation cut short their visit, leaving for Jordan on Tuesday on the first leg of their trip back home. Finnish police officers who are in Jordan training Iraqi police interviewed the delegation on Tuesday.

The delegation is delaying its return to Finland until Thursday. Members of the group have agreed not to give any statements on the incident before returning to Finland.

The visit by the delegation was arranged by Technology Industries of Finland. The group arrived in Iraq on Saturday, hoping to establish new business links with Iraq and revive old ones.

In spite of the shootings, the Finnish company Wärtsilä plans to go ahead with the planned construction of oil-fired power plants in Iraq. The company announced on Tuesday that it would pay close attention to the security of its staff. The deal, worth nearly 370 million euros, was announced last week.

YLE24, YLE Radio News, Finnish News Agency