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Grocery Stockers Stage Walkout

Supplies could run short on grocery shelves as warehouse stock personnel begin a strike on Thursday.

Some 3,000 employees at central warehouses in Helsinki, Turku and Tampere are to walk out at noon. They work for the three biggest retail chains, Kesko, Tuko Logistics and Inex Partners.

Kesko owns the K-kauppa grocery chain. Tuko is part-owned by Spar and Stockmann, while Inex supplies shops such as Valintatalo, Siwa, Alepa, S-Market and Prisma.

The job action could affect supplies on the shelves at many grocery stores. Employees are protesting a planned overhaul of their wage system. They disagree with a new plan to pay them according to how quickly they work.

Talks on the long-running dispute continued until around midnight on Wednesday, according to the head of the Helsinki warehouse stockers union, Markku Valkeinen of Inex Partners.

The walkout is scheduled to last three days.

Finnish News Agency, YLE24