DNA Tests to Boost Crime-Solving

Yle Uutisten artikkeliarkisto

Police hope that a growing DNA registry will boost the success rate in solving crimes. They say that the expanded registry is expected to help solve an extra 1,300 crimes this year.

The majority of crimes that the DNA registry can help solve are break-ins or muggings.

Legislation which came into effect at the start of this year allows police to take DNA samples from individuals suspected of any crime which carries a minimum sentence of six months imprisonment.

The forensic laboratory of the National Bureau of Investigation predicts that the registry will contain 15,500 samples by the end of this year.

Police expect the DNA registry will, in particular, help them catch repeat offenders. About 1,100 repeat offenders are already charged wih crimes annually.

In addition to fingerprints, DNA samples provide police with an important means to identify culprits.

Finnish News Agency