Court Frees Suspect in Lake Bodom Murders Case

Yle Uutisten artikkeliarkisto

A district court in Espoo has released the suspect in the 44 year old Lake Bodom murder case. Nils Gustafsson was remanded in custody in April as a probable suspect in the case.

Nils Gustafsson is still suspected of killing three young people and a travel ban has been imposed on him. This, however, expires in 60 days if no charges are laid.

The National Bureau of investigation is continuing both its enquiries and questioning of Gustafsson. Decisive in the recent investigation of the crime has been new forensic technology, such as DNA analysis.

Counsel for Gustafsson, lawyer Riitta Leppiniemi, described the decision as a relief for the accused.

Gustafsson is again under the spotlight of media interest. Police say they are ensuring security at his home.

In 1960, Gustafsson was one of four teenagers on a camping trip at the lake. Three of the group were killed, and Gustafsson has maintained that he was also attacked but survived the ordeal. Police suspect that his injuries may have come in a struggle with one or more of the victims, or may have been self-inflicted.

YLe24, Finnish News Agency