Main Aspects of Budget Proposal Made Public

Yle Uutisten artikkeliarkisto

The Ministry of Finance has published its proposal for next year’s national budget. The Ministry’s proposal will be followed by discussions between the Finance Ministry and the individual Government ministries.

The proposal carries a surplus of EUR 50 million; its final sum is EUR 37.4 billion. This year’s budget has a deficit of EUR 1 billion.

The budget proposal is based on a forecast for economic growth of two percent for this year and 2.8 percent for next year.

The ministries will submit their funding requests on Friday. Intense discussions are expected on proposals to reduce costs for employers’ in low-paying jobs, as well as calls for more funding for transport.

Finance Minister Antti Kalliomäki said that he wants to keep proposals for cuts in income taxes as bargaining chips for the upcoming incomes talks.

YLE24 Finnish News Agency