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EU Can't Rely on US Military Muscle

Yle Uutisten artikkeliarkisto

Finnish General Gustav Hägglund is urging the European Union to take better care of its own defence. He says that Europe has too long relied on the United States to safeguard its security.

Hägglund believes it is dangerous to assume the US will always be ready to rush to the EU's defence.

He noted that Washington is changing its military focus and realigning its resources accordingly.

Hägglund said that the US views Europe as a relatively peaceful region, which no longer warrants the stationing of large numbers of troops in Europe.

He made these statements at a publicity event for his new book.

At the event, he also said he strongly opposed Finland giving up the use of anti-personnel landmines.

General Hägglund recently stepped down as chairman of the European Union's Military Committee.

YLE24, Finnish News Agency

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