Bill Payment ATMs to Become Relic of the Past

Financial services group OP-Pohjola Group plans to discontinue its bill payment ATM services early next year. The group says fewer people are using the machines, and the technology is becoming outdated.

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OP-Pohjolan merkki talon katolla.
OP-Pohjolan mukaan maksuautomaateilla maksetaan enää vain noin viisi prosenttia laskuista.YLE

Currently, the group has nearly 450 bill payment ATMs in Finland. It plans to phase out the machines gradually.

Use of the ATMs has decreased 15 percent annually. Furthermore, only around five percent of bills are paid with the machines. Several tens of thousands of people use bill payment ATMs regularly, but the majority of customers pay bills in other ways as well.

The bank says people can instead pay their bills online, sign up for direct billing or use payment service computer terminals. OP-Pohjola says it plans to direct resources towards developing its online services.

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