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President Halonen Appointed to a UN Panel

President Tarja Halonen has been appointed to chair a panel of global sustainability for the United Nations, along with the South African President Jacob Zuma. The Panel will investigate ways of lowering carbon emissions in global economy. The aim is to find greener choices in development, which could reduce climate change.

Yle Uutisten artikkeliarkisto
Tasavallan presidentti Tarja HalonenYle

The UN panel on global sustainability will have 21 other experts from other countries as well. It will seek to find solutions for sustainable growth without increasing climate change.

The panel will look into the destruction of ecosystems and the loss of biodiversity among other green issues. It is also hoping to discover ways to shift modern consumption patterns and solutions to ease global poverty.

The group will release its final report by the end of 2011. The results are to be used as guidelines in the preparations for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro in 2012, and the annual meetings of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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