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Sweets Tax to Take Effect Next Week

A new confectionary tax will raise prices of sweets and soft drinks manufactured in the new year. Shopkeepers say that implementation of the law is confusing and rushed.

Yle Uutisten artikkeliarkisto
Tuomaanmarkkinoilta löytyy kilokaupalla karkkia.
Peppi Lehtojoki / YLE

Candy, ice cream and sodas made this year will not see an increase in price. The change applies only to foodstuffs produced with the tax increase already in effect. Consequently, shops have been loading up on sugary products to sell at the lower rate.

With the new tax, a 200 gram bag of candy will become 15 cents more expensive and a litre of ice cream will cost 45 cents more. A half-litre bottle of fizzy drink will increase in price by about four cents.

Retailers complain that the law has been rushed into force before all the details are clear. For instance, the classification of some biscuits and puddings is still in progress.

"The problem is that we don't know whether certain products are taxable, and the authorities, including the Customs Board, can't tell us either," says Osmo Laine, president of the Finnish Grocery Trade Association.

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