PM Vanhanen: "Necessary to Raise Pension Age”

Speaking to YLE Radio on Sunday, Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen said he was not surprised by the uproar caused by government’s decision to raise the minimum retirement age. However he reiterated that keeping people at work longer is necessary to ensure the provision of basic services in the future.

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Matti Vanhanen istuu Kesärannan verannalla.

”This sort of matter won’t attract a lot of support. However changes have to be made to guarantee that welfare services can be secured for people over the next decade,” said Vanhanen of government’s plan to raise the retirement age from 63 to 65.

Vanhanen said that raising the minimum pension age is the best alternative for shoring up funds in a recession. According to the premier, increasing taxes would only serve to deepen the economic crisis, and public spending cuts would inevitably target people who are financially disadvantaged.

“Sixty-five is the typical retirement age across Europe. This is nothing unique to Finland,” said Vanhanen.

Parliament is to vote on Wednesday, following the opposition’s submission of an interpellation, on whether the government should recall its decision to raise the minimum pension age.

Opposition Files Interpellation over Pension Age (siirryt toiseen palveluun)

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