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Atheist Bus Campaign Coming to Finland

A much-debated international advertising campaign is coming to Finland. The Atheist Bus Campaign is to be promoted on buses in Helsinki and Tampere, with the message: 'There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life'.

The Finnish Humanist Union, together with the Union of Freethinkers of Finland, is currently collecting funds to carry out the campaign, which will be fully financed through donations.

Freethinkers of Finland Chairman, Jussi K. Niemelä, says the intention is to discuss atheism in a positive way.

'The intention is to create a discussion', says Nimelä.

The Atheist Bus Campaign was launched across the UK on January 6 2009, and has since been carried out in several big cities across the world. Comedy writer/journalist Ariane Sherine initially started the campaign in response to evangelical Christian ads, which she saw on London public transport.