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Kauhajoki Shooter’s Motive Remains Mystery

In their preliminary investigation, police have been unable to determine the underlying motives of Matti Saari that caused him to open fire on fellow students at the Kauhajoki School of Hospitality.

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Police have interviewed 200 people in their investigation. None of the people questioned said they knew of Saari’s plans. Police say that Saari committed his acts alone.

In his final note, Saari wrote of his general contempt for people and that he had planned the massacre since 2002.

Saari had no contact with the Jokela school shooter Pekka-Eric Auvinen, who shot eight people and himself in November 2007, according to information obtained by YLE’s current affairs programme A-studio.

Saari killed 10 people before turning the gun on himself at a college in Kauhajoki last September.

The Jokela and Kauhajoki school shooters both posted warning videos online before their shooting sprees.

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