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Support for Finnish Operations in Afghanistan Strong Despite Attacks

The majority of Finns say they want Finnish peacekeepers to continue their operations in Afghanistan despite recent attacks on Finnish patrols, finds a poll by the regional daily Aamulehti and pollster Taloustutkimus.

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Fifty-five percent of Finns want the number of Finnish troops in the war-torn country to remain steady, whereas some 20 percent would like to see Finnish soldiers pulled out entirely.

Some 45 percent of respondents said Finnish peacekeepers should engage in gun battle when necessary. Meanwhile, 48 percent said Finnish peacekeepers should not be involved in operations where they risk coming in the line of fire.

In recent weeks Finnish peacekeepers in Afghanistan have been targeted by insurgents on numerous occasions. Last weekend, Finnish soldiers were involved in a gun battle in Afghanistan, which was the first time that Finnish soldiers in Afghanistan were involved in an actual exchange of fire.

The poll was carried out this week and drew 1,067 responses from Finns above 15 years of age. The margin of error is three percentage points.

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