Finnish Cinema Celebrates Bumper Year


Domestic films have already attracted a million viewers to cinemas this year. Attendance broke the seven-figure level on Sunday. Last year, that figure was not reached until around Christmas. More than one fifth of all movie tickets sold this year have been for Finnish productions. So far the most popular has been the children's film Risto Räppääjä, which has drawn more than 200,000 viewers since it premiered in February. The musical, about a boy drummer and rapper, is based on a series of books by the sisters Tiina and Sinikka Nopola. It follows a 2000 YLE animated TV series of the same name. Oscar Entrant Near Top of List The next biggest box-office magnets have been Playing Solo ( Sooloilua) and The Home of the Dark Butterflies ( Tummien perhosten koti). Playing Solo, a romantic drama about a journalist who falls in love with a conductor and ends up caring for his senile mother, is based on a novel by Katja Kallio, who also wrote the screenplay. The Home of the Dark Butterflies, set in a boys' reform school on an island, is based on Leena Lander's novel from 1991. It is the official Finnish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film category at next year's Academy Awards.

So far Finnish studios have released 16 full-length feature films this year.

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