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115 jobs: SSAB may close steel pipe plant in southern Finland

Swedish steel company SSAB may be shutting down its pipe factory in Hanko, a move that affects all 115 employees at the facility in southern Finland.

File photo from SSAB's facility in Hämeenlinna. Image: Jari Järvinen / Yle

SSAB announced on Monday that its steel pipe production plant in the southern village of Lappohja - part of the southern city of Hanko - may be closed down and that employer-employee negotiations about the future of 115 workers at the facility have begun.

The company said the changes are being made to improve the company's competitiveness, and that it plans to update or modernise its other facilities in Hämeenlinna, Oulainen, Pulkkila and Toijala. However, the future of the Lappohja plant remains unclear.

The planned layoffs at SSAB's Lappohja plant are due to production and financial reasons, the company said, and may result in the entire facility in being shut down.

The company said all of the facility's 115 workers were affected by the plans, but that some of the employees may be offered jobs at other facilities.

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