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2015 update to add 96 new names to calendar

The Finnish tradition of naming days gets an update in 2015, with modern names added to the mix. Changing tastes are reflected in the system, which allocates a date on which people with a certain christian name celebrate their naming day.

Newer names entering the list in 2015 include Annu, Robin and Taika. In all there will be 39 new additions to the Finnish language list, 22 of them female names and 17 male names.

The Finnish-Swedish list will have 57 new names, of which 35 are for women and 22 for men. Names must have been given to at least 500 Finnish-speaking children in the last 50 years, or at least 50 Finnish-Swedish children.

Helsinki University's Almanac Office updates the naming list every five years. Foreign names are not considered for inclusion, which means that some very common names do not make the cut.

For instance Finland is home to more than 800 Mohammeds, but they have no naming day. Likewise there are hundreds of Jennys in the country, but they are similarly excluded from the tradition. The almanac office does not consider either name to be Finnish.

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