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2017 in review: Our most-read stories of the year

The past year was a busy one for Yle News, and that's reflected in the eclectic range of stories in the list of stories our most-read published in 2017

Naku-uinnin maailmanennätys
North Karelia saw a mass naked swim that enthused the Yle News audience. Image: Nelli Kallinen / Yle

1. Finland breaks skinny-dipping world record

Finns love a weird world record, and this summer's mass skinny dip at the Ilosaarirock festival in North Karelia helped Finland host the biggest ever naked swim on record. Our story was widely-shared as people spread the glorious news.

2. Two dead, several injured in Turku knife attack

The biggest news event of the year in Finland was a knife attack in Turku that left two people dead, eight injured and Finland in shock. Our first story brought news from the initial confused reports.

3. Extreme weather in Finland: Cold record snaps at 41.7, lightning strikes Porkkala

Cold weather is a staple of the Finnish winter, but it still makes fascinating news.

4. Finnish breakthrough: Making protein out of thin air and electricity

When Finnish researchers appeared to find a new way to create food, the story quickly went viral.

5. Midsummer madness: Why Juhannus is Finland's best and worst celebration

Joel Willans of Very Finnish Problems took a sideways look at Finland's Midsummer traditions in a column this June, and it proved extremely popular with Finns and foreigners alike.

6. Finns Party loses out as greens rise in local elections

Municipal politics is not traditionally the topic that draws in readers, but this year we made a concerted effort to inform foreigners about their right to participate in local elections. That included a debate we streamed live, several explainers on rights and exercising them, and culminated in our election night results story.

7. Finnish police: Main suspect in Turku attack is 18-year-old Moroccan

Follow-ups on the Turku attack story dominated the news agenda for a while in the autumn, and this story on the main suspect was a particular hit.

8. Finland's blue and white around the world for centennial celebrations

This year Finland turned 100, and the celebrations spread worldwide. Finns were obviously keen to share the good news.

9. Does Finland need its swastikas?

Eddy Hawkins took an in-depth look at Finland's many swastikas, which remain entrenched in military insignia and elsewhere.

10. Missing Indian man found dead in Helsinki

Topping out this list is the sad story of an Indian software engineer who disappeared in Helsinki and was then found dead on the shoreline.

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