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2020 brings Finland's hottest June in 60 years

Some parts of Finland experienced 21 days of temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius, meteorologists said.

Ihmisiä ottamassa aurionkoa Mustikkamaan uimarannalla.
Image: Arttu Timonen / Yle

Roughly half of Finland’s long-term weather observation sites reported record high temperatures in June, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, FMI.

The agency said on Wednesday that the month registered the highest number of days when temperatures reached 25 degrees Celsius (the so-called heat threshold in Finland) since the country began keeping digital records in 1961.

FMI said that some parts of Finland experienced a total of 21 25-degree-or warmer days and noted that June 1999 was the last time as many hot days had been measured.

Residents of western Finland in particular benefited from the balmy June weather. In the southwestern city of Turku, the Artukainen weather station registered 17 occasions when the mercury rose to or above 25 degrees.

"The deviation from the norm was as much as four or five degrees," FMI meteorologist Pauli Jokinen said in a statement.

Meanwhile the month’s highest temperature came in at 33.5 degrees Celsius on 25 June in Kankaanpää’s Niinisalo in western Finland. That day’s high was just three-tenths of a degree shy of the all-time record measured in 1935 in Ähtäri, southern Ostrobothnia.

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