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20 Saudi students to enrol at Lappeenranta tech uni in 2016

The Lappeenranta University of Technology will begin an education export campaign to Saudi Arabia in 2016. Twenty students will enrol in Master's courses in nuclear engineering. The programme does not intend to alleviate the school's economic circumstances.

Juhani Hyvärinen
Juhani Hyvärinen, nuclear tech professor at LUT, the school with the slogan "Open your mind". Image: Kare Lehtonen / Yle

Twenty Saudi Arabian students will begin their studies at the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) in a year's time. Their major subject will be nuclear engineering and the students are expected to pay a tuition fee.

Professor Juhani Hyvärinen from LUT says that the intention of the payments is not to aid the ongoing academic funding crisis.

"Tuition will cover expenses but it isn't a money-making machine," he says. "There are many institutions that offer similar training so we cannot price ourselves out of the running."

Exporting education to Saudi Arabia may bring further collaborations, as LUT is planning joint research work and PhD training with Saudis.

"Many other countries are in the same situation as Saudi Arabia," Hyvärinen says. "The Saudis are keen to be rid of fossil fuel reliance by investing in nuclear technology and other forms of energy. Finland and LUT have a great deal of energy know-how that other countries may well be interested in, as well."

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