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35,000 more employed than one year ago

Finland's employment rate in January continued to top 70 percent.

nuori punatukkainen nainen täyttää kahvilaitetta
January employment figures showed only a slight improvement in the 15-24 year-old age group. Image: AOP

Statistics Finland reports that the number of employed people was 35,000 higher in January 2019 than one year ago.

Adjusted for seasonal and random variation, Finland's employment rate in January was 72.6 percent. In December, it stood at 72.5 percent.

The current government's target of an employment rate of over 72 percent was first hit in November of last year and has remained above that level since.

This means that in January nearly 2.6 million people were employed.

Taking into consideration seasonal and random variation, the unemployment rate was 6.4 percent. At the end of 2018, that rate was 6.6 percent, already then a 10-year low. The number of unemployed persons in January was 181,000, which was 57,000 lower than one year ago.

Youth employment improved slightly with the adjusted unemployment rate for people in the 15-24 year-old age group at 15.7 percent, down from 15.9 percent in December.

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