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3,500 Finnish troops to take part in defence drills next week

Some 3,500 Finnish troops will take part in the Defence Forces' Satakunta 17 local defence exercises in various locations across the country next week. The objective of the drills is to increase local troop readiness and to improve cooperation between the military and local authorities in demanding situations, according to the Finnish Defence Forces.

Panssariprikaatin varusmiehet harjoittelevat.
File photo of Finnish troops during a training exercise in 2014. Image: Antti Mälkönen / Yle

Starting next Monday, thousands of troops and conscripts will take part in the Satakunta 17 domestic training drills in areas of Kainuu, south-east Finland and Satakunta.

The drills, consisting of three separate exercises, are scheduled to take place during September 4-8.

Kainuu Brigade will lead the Kajaani 17 Local Defence Exercise in the Kainuu area, according to the Defence Forces, while the Karelia Brigade leads the Kymi 217 Local Defence Exercise in the area of Kymenlaakso, South Karelia and South Savo.

The Pori Brigade will lead the Satakunta 17 drills in south-west Finland. Troops will manoeuvre in Turku, Säkylä and Niinisalo, among other places, the defence agency said on Monday.

"Local forces will manoeuvre throughout the country. The troops will include reservists who know their area of operation well, and they will be trained in refresher exercises, voluntary exercises and courses of the National Defence Training Association. Voluntary reservists of the local defence companies, which are part pf the local defence troops, can also be used during peacetime for providing executive assistance to other authorities," the Defence Forces said.

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