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51 dead bulls prompt animal neglect charges

A man from Sysmä was charged with serious animal welfare charges after officials discovered that 51 of the 70 bulls he kept had died from severe neglect.

Keinuhongan tilan sonneja
These animals are not related to the story. File photo. Image: Tuija Veirto / Yle

A Sysmä man was accused of treating his bulls so badly that before officials intervened, 51 out of his 70 bulls died from a result of a lack of food, water and living in filthy conditions.

In Päijät-Hämeen District Court the prosecution said that manure was not cleaned from their stalls and that the animals had starved to death.

Prosecutors demanded that the man receive a one year conditional jail sentence and be banned from keeping animals for five years.

Sysmä is a municipality about 185 kilometers north of Helsinki.

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