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542 pigs die in Pirkanmaa fire

Fire-fighters were helpless in the face of the large pigsty blaze.

Kihniössä tulipalossa tuhoutuneen sikalan rauniot.
No roast pork jokes, please. Image: Jan Hynnä / Yle

More than 500 pigs burned to death in the municipality of Kihniö, near Parkano, late Tuesday.

A 300-square-metre piggery in northern Pirkanmaa burned to the ground. At least 16 fire and rescue units arrived at the scene but were unable to save the building or the 542 pigs inside.

According to fire chief Jyrki Paunila, the units could do nothing besides isolate the piggery and watch the destruction. They did manage to prevent the inferno from spreading to other buildings nearby.

Clean-up and salvage operations were expected to last until Wednesday morning. The cause of the fire remains unclear.

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