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660 kilos of hashish found hidden in lorry, Lithuanian detained

Finnish authorities have uncovered a large stash of cannabis resin concealed in a truck that drove from Spain to Sweden, then crossed by ferry to Turku.

Finnish Customs announced the find on 5 December. Image: Petteri Paalasmaa / AOP

Customs officials say they have made one of Finland’s largest-ever seizures of hashish. A load of cannabis resin weighing more than 660 kilos was found hidden in a Lithuanian lorry that entered via the port of Turku. The drugs were stashed inside the front wall of the trailer container. Authorities estimate that the substance would have been enough for up to two million doses, with a street value of around 13 million euros. The discovery was made in the Helsinki region on November 21, but not announced until Tuesday.

Customs Enforcement Director Hannu Sinkkonen tells Yle that this is one of the biggest hash seizures in Finnish history.

IL: Finnish officials expecting delivery

The tractor-trailer was driven from Spain through central Europe to Sweden and then into Finland. Officials say that hashish manufactured in Morocco often enters Europe through Spain.

A Lithuanian man in his early 40s is in detention in Helsinki, Sinkkonen says.

According to the tabloid Iltalehti, the seizure was the largest ever, but did not come as a surprise to Finnish authorities. It says they had been tipped off in advance through Europol, and that officials in other countries are involved in the investigation. Customs officials decline to say whether the drugs were intended for the Finnish market, or whether Finland was a transit country.

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