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68,000 Volvos in Finland affected by historic recall

More than two million cars are being recalled worldwide for seat belt repairs.

Volvo XC60
68,000 Volvo cars will be recalled for repair in Finland, including the XC60 model pictured. Image: Cyril Zingaro / EPA

Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has announced the largest product recall in its history by calling for 2.1 million cars worldwide to be repaired due to a safety risk in the front seat belts.

The issue relates to a steel cable connected to the seat belts, which can "suffer from fatigue" under certain conditions and become damaged, the manufacturer said in a statement.

In Finland, up to 68,000 Volvo owners will receive a repair invitation. Most of the cars that require modification were manufactured between 2007 and 2018 . They include up to ten different models, such as the V60, V70, S60, S80, XC60 and XC70.

"For these Volvo models, the front seat belt connector will be replaced either on one side or on both sides," said Jaana Kuivalainen, Director of Technical Services at importer Volvo Car Finland.

Kuivalainen added that there is no urgency to complete the work and the affected motorists can continue to drive until the seat belt part has been replaced.

The owners of the recall cars are known to Volvo Car Finland and will each receive an invitation by post to bring their vehicle in for repair by authorised Volvo repair shops during the autumn. The replacements will be free of charge.

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