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A summer like no other: Has Finland entered a post-Covid era?

This week's episode of All Points North examines how summer could play out as the coronavirus epidemic subsides.

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Where can residents travel this summer and can employees return to the office after the holidays? This week All Points North tackles your concerns as Finland shifts toward a post-Covid reality.

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Audio: Yle News

This week APN checks back in with a struggling sole trader to see what his prospects look like after his business selling souvenirs in Helsinki's Market Square dried up this spring.

"I'm a bit annoyed that during this time there seems to have been a lot of publicity about pubs and restaurants -- we've all suffered," Tony Webb told APN, saying the future of his business now rests with the government either extending its band-aid for entrepreneurs or cruise ships returning to ports in August.

Meanwhile just a stone's throw away from the not-so-bustling stalls of the harbour stands the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK), which says the pandemic may have ushered in permanent changes to the way we work. Yle News reporter Ronan Browne told APN there may be fewer water cooler moments at the office this fall as workspaces may be redesigned to keep people in small groups.

We also explore government plans to extend relief measures for entrepreneurs and consider how Finland is preparing for a possible second wave of the pandemic.

This episode concludes our spring season of the podcast. APN returns in late July after a brief hiatus, so stay tuned!

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