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Admin and retail sales jobs disappearing

Office clerks and salespeople will have the least job prospects in the future, says senior researcher Terhi Maczulskij.

tehdastyöntekijä valuttaa sulaa rautaa
Image: Julian Smith / EPA

The need for sales clerks will decrease as online shopping grows and work in industrial sectors decreases owing to robotics, according to Terhi Maczulskij, a senior researcher at the Labour Institute for Economic Research.

Speaking on Yle's morning show on Wednesday, she outlined the occupations that are disappearing in the market place. They include office clerks, salespeople, installers and repairmen, customer service representatives, mechanical engineering workers, industrial assemblers, handicraft manufacturers and those who work in the field of printing.

According to the institute, software and application developers, payroll and accounting roles, secretaries, support services, telephone and customer service representatives are among the jobs that will likely face outsourcing to Asia.

Re-employment varies from sector to sector, says Maczulskij. "People living in Finland have been quite successful in staying employed despite disappearing occupations by retraining or upgrading their skills."

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