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Advance voting record in presidential election

More than 1.5 million voters cast advance votes for candidates in Finland's presidential election scheduled for this coming Sunday.

Vaalivirkailija jakoi tyhjiä äänestyslipukkeita 2018 presidentinvaalien ensimmäisen kierroksen ennakkoäänestyksen alkaessa ennakkoäänestyspisteellä Helsingin Pääpostin tiloissa keskiviikkona 17. tammikuuta 2018.
Advance voting in the first round of the 2018 presidential election wrapped up Tuesday. Image: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva

By the time polling places closed Tuesday evening, the final day of advance voting, 36.1% of the nation's eligible voters had cast a ballot in the presidential race.

While the total number of votes cast in advance, 1,533,352, was the highest ever, advanced voting in the second of the 2012 presidential election was proportionally higher, at 36.6% of the electorate.

A further 22,000 to 25,000 votes are expected to be added to this year's count once advance absentee ballots from outside the country are in.

Finland's presidential election takes place this coming Sunday, January 28th. If no single candidate receives a simple majority of votes cast, the election will go into a second round between the two candidates who get the highest number of votes.

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