Alko to open up for online sales in November this year

State-owned alcohol monopoly says that full range of its products will be available to buy over the internet, as profits fell last year following lower alcohol consumption in Finland.

Oluthylly Alkossa.
Image: Jesse Maidell / Yle

Drinkers in Finland will soon be able to order their wine and spirits over the internet, as the state-owned alcohol retailer Alko is set to open an online store in November this year.

The publicly owned retailer promises that the full range of its products will be available, as well as some new ones.

Alcohol consumption was down last year in Finland, with customers buying 94 million litres of alcohol compared to 97 million the year previously. Turnover of taxable alcohol sales fell from 1.18 billion to 1.16 billion euros, with a corresponding fall in profits of half a million euros, down to 50 million euros. The retailer, however, says it met its strategic aims, and did earn 40 million euros in dividends for the Finnish state.

Companies wanting to buy drink online will have less time to wait, as Alko says it plans to open its web store for corporate customers this summer.

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